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"I want to add to to the story of music by depicting and conjuring human experiences through the realm of sound."

Blaine Counter, known by his stage name Graffick, is an independent electronic music producer and DJ from San Francisco, CA, currently residing in San Diego. From an early age he showed much interest in music, but it wasn’t until he obtained a free computer in junior high school that he began to explore and teach himself the craft of audio production. He quickly gravitated to the computers audio recorder and began experimenting with recording, composition, and sound design. Over the years he honed his musical abilities both in production and on stage, experimenting with loopers, synthesizers, and different styles of music. 

In 2015 Blaine was in a near fatal accident. While riding his bike he was struck and run over by a semi-truck leaving him with many broken bones and unable to walk. After several surgeries, a couple weeks in the hospital, and months of recovery, including learning how to walk again, he dedicated his life to telling stories through music. He branded himself with the name Graffick, a nod toward his admiration of illustrative art, and began diving deeper into his relationship with electronic music and sound design.

Graffick has released a variety of material over the past 8 years, including 3 albums, 4 EPs, and a variety of singles. Spectra represents his fourth album, and serves as his most bold collection of tracks -- offering sleek and powerful production with mesmerizing sound design. Spectra is a collection of tracks that were created from 2021-2023, recorded at Graffick’s home studio in San Diego. A synth-forward aesthetic emphasizes atmosphere and melody alike, focusing on uptempo music with an inventive sound design. The underlying theme to the album is the concept of the many spectrums that are present in our life shaping how one experiences their existence.

A dynamic aesthetical charm persists on his new album Spectra, releasing on May 2nd. The production ranges from the lush airiness of the opening “Saw You There Again” to the late-night thumping intrigue of “Black Light.” A range of stylistic pursuits, from downtempo hypnotics to atmospheric electronica, is showcased throughout the album.

The single “Messages / In the Wake” precedes the album, strutting an evolving structural engrossment. Simmering synths develop into a blaring melodic immersion, falling back down into a gentle embrace. Elsewhere, “Sushi Rice” develops a fervent electro-pop push, mesmerizing with a futuristic synth-friendly glow.

Graffick currently lives in San Diego where he continues to study and compose music. 

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