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San Diego, CA


Electronica, House

About Graffick

Blaine Counter, known by his stage name Graffick, is an independent electronic music producer and DJ from San Francisco, CA, currently residing in San Diego. Graffick has released a variety of material over the past 8 years, including 3 albums, 4 EPs, and a variety of singles. Spectra represents his fourth album, and serves as his most bold collection of tracks -- offering sleek and powerful production with mesmerizing sonic worlds.

Graffick is a prominent live performer, lending his talents to DJing as well as live electronic music. As a DJ Graffick yields a range of styles that is both surprising and captivating. His energetic performances seamlessly weave together varied genres into cohesive and unique sets making him an exciting entity that brings something fresh to the dance floor. The live electronic side of Graffick shows a musical prowess and the creative skills of someone truly passionate about their craft. His studio productions are given new life on the stage as he bravely plays with structure and improvisation. 

Reviews and Press

Iggy Magazine

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Last Day Leaf

"Without resorting to words, he manages to tell complex and moving stories through his music. It is an invitation to an inner journey, where emotions are expressed through the subtleties of musical arrangements. The contrasts, the moments of sweetness and resolution, create a wordless story that touches the heart."

"This track isn’t just music; it’s an auditory journey tailor-made for the soundtrack of life’s most introspective moments."

" electrifying blend of attitude and emotion..."

"...Graffick crafts a mesmerizing sonic landscape that transcends genre norms. Imagine Bonobo flirting with Burial and Forest Swords on LSD, as Graffick takes listeners on a psychedelic odyssey through pulsating beats and soaring melodies."

Music Videos and Live Performances

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